Turkish Shorts Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish shorts, Turkey shorts manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality shorts from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GLOCAL TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Zafer Hakan KARAYILAN    
s t-shirts, jackets, coats, denims, trousers, jeans, hoods, sweats, sweatshirts, sweat-shirts, joggers, shorts, vests, tees, jeans jackets, denim jackets, western jackets, skinny jeans, t-shirt, jacket, coat, denim, trouser, jean, hood, sweat, sweatshirt, sweat-shirt, jogger, short, vest, tee, jeans jacket, denim jacket, western jacket, skinny jean, garment, wear, clothing, cloth, clothes, apparel, outfit
A5 DIZAYN TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Aynur GÜRBÜZ    
s woman garments, woman clothings, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, bottoms, outerwears, blazers, jackets, blouses, rompers, skirts, tunics, shorts, pants, sports wears, sport wears, woman tops, woman jumpsuits, woman bottoms, woman outerwears, woman blazers, woman jackets, woman blouses, woman rompers, woman shorts, woman pants, woman sports wears, woman sport wears, woman garment, woman clothing, top, dress, jumpsuit, bottom, outerwear, blazer, jacket, blouse, romper, skirt, tunic, short, pant, sports, sports wear, sport wear, woven, knitted
DISAEM TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yücel AYDINLIK    
s garments, clothings, pants, knitwears, coats, trenchcoats, jackets, shorts, vests, t-shirts, shirts, overcoats, arm buttons, bags, belts, bowons, business card holders, shoes, socks, ties, wallets, canvas pants, fabric pants, jean pants, trousers, garment, clothing, pant, knitwear, coat, trenchcoat, jacket, short, vest, t-shirt, shirt, overcoat, arm button, bag, belt, bowon, business card holder, footwears, jeans, tie, wallet, canvas pant, fabric pant, jean pant, trouser, t.shirt, business card holder
SPRINKLE FASHION        Bangladeş     imdadul islam imdad    
s t-shirt, polo-shirt, sweater, pullover, jackets, trousers, shorts, t.shirt
SIMURG TASARIM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mukadder ÖZDEN    
s clothing, clothings, garment, garments, textile, textiles, ready wear, ready wears, clothes, apparel, apparels, wears, man garments, woman garments, kids garments, baby garments, baby girl garments, baby boy garments, boy garments, girl garments, dresses, jackets, baby pants, baby dresses, baby jackets, baby t-shirts, t-shirts, rompers, baby rompers, event dresses, girl event dresses, homewears, woman homewears, tunics, jerseys, homewear sets, pajamas, pyjamas, woman pajamas, woman pyjamas, shorts, boy shorts, woman tops, tops, sweat pants, woman shirts, shirts, man t-shi, man t-shirts, man sweat pants, woman sweat pants
COLORINAS TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ender GÖK    
s textile, textile products, fashion wear, fashion, fashion clothes, women fashion, men fashion, kids clothing, baby clothing, skirt, dress, t-shirt, children skirt, children's shirt, hair band, hair clip, shorts, bot t-shirt, sweatpants, travel bag, backpack, children's bag, overalls, wooden toy, wooden yos, wooden writing board, blackboard, natural game dough, baby bed, sleeping bag, baby bathrobe, tutu skirt
BIHTER TEKSTIL A.S.        Türkiye     Gülşah YILMAZ    
s textile, ladies textile, men's textile, children's textile, ready-made clothing, fabric, fabrics, underwear, outerwear, dress, t-shirt, sweater, sweaters, female sweatshirt, male sweatshirt, women's sweatshirt, child sweatshirt, design dress, design clothes, special sewing textile products, custom design clothes, vest, ladies vest, male vest, jacket, women's jacket, mini dress, long skirt dress, sports clothes, classic clothes, everyday clothes, shirt, women's shirt, men's shirt, scarf, scarves, pyjamas, t.shirt, trousers, overalls, men's trousers, pajamas, women's trousers, textile fashion, shorts, pants, foulards, weft, shorts overalls
LUKS TEKIN TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s baby accessories, baby bags, baby gifts, babysuits, blankets, shawls, buster suits, coats, jackets, frilly pants, hair accessories, hats, nightwear, outfits, premature, scarves, gloves, shoes, shorts, skirts, snowsuits, socks, sunglasses, swimwear, tops, towels, toys
DEFACTO PERAKENDE A.S.        Türkiye         
s dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, capri, shorts, blouses, skirts, tunics, beach wear, shirts, pants, maternity wear, sportswear, sweat pants, leggings, homewear, pajamas, underwear, sweatshirts, pullovers, sweater, leather coats, jackets, trenchcoats, raincoats, toppers, coats
LOYA MAGAZACILIK TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s bikini, body, bra, corset, cotton daily socks, file socks, garter, panties, patterned pantyhose, pijama team, shorts, sock, socks, string, swimsuit, underwear
H VE M        Türkiye         
s dresses, jumpsuit, tops, shirts, blouses, cardigans, jumpers, sweatshirt, hoodies, blazers, waistcoat, jackets, coats, trousers, jeans, skirt, shorts, swimwear, lingerie, nightwear, shoes, socks, t-shirts
KARTAL YUVASI        Türkiye         
s sportswear, sports outfits, tights, t-shirt, jacket, sports jacket, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, coat, shirt, sweater, undershirt, polo t-shirts, shirt, t.shirt, sweater, polo t-shirts, sweatshirt
SUPERSTEP        Türkiye         
s shoes, snikers, boat, sneakers, sandals, slipper, jacket, mounted, t-shirt, sweater, track suit, tights, shorts, bag, hat, t.shirt
SUWEN        Türkiye         
s underwear, pyjamas, dowry products, corset, beach clothing, bikini, swimsuit, dressing gown, dressing gown sets, overalls, bra, athlete, garter, panties, tights, shorts, t-shirt, trousers, bustier, t.shirt
ZEKI TRIKO        Türkiye         
s bikini, swimsuit, clothing products, beach bag, beach accessories, blouse, belt, trousers, pareo, pareo skirt, skirt, shorts, overalls
MODERNTEKS HAZIR GIYIM A.S.        Türkiye         
s clothing, clothing products, skirt, dress, trousers, shorts, blouse, shirt, shoe, socks, track suit, earring, wristband, coat
HUMMEL        Türkiye         
s short sleeve t-shirt, t-shirt, swimming clothes, athlete, sweatshirt, shorts, trousers, socks, jacket, bag, glove, beret, sneakers, shoes, t.shirt
GIZIA        Türkiye         
s clothing products, women clothing products, textile, sportswear, shirt, skirt, outerwear, jacket, trousers, shorts, dress, blouse, tunic, scarf, belt, shoes
ACTO TEKSTIL        Türkiye     Şule OĞUZOĞLU    
s clothing, tights, apperal, socks, jeans, shorts, jacket, blouse, t-shirt, ready wear, clothing, garment, men garment, man garment, woman garment, apperals, dresses, sock, jean, shirt, short, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, ready wears, clothings, garments, men garments, man garments, woman garments
PLAYOFF TEKSTIL EGITIM A.S.        Türkiye     Ethem ACAR    
s sportswear, sports wear, activewear, sports gear, sportsgear, sports outfit, outdoorwear, sports accessories, sports accessory, sport accessories, outdoor clothing, outdoor wear, tactical pants, hiking pants, trekking pants, water, waterproof trousers, school clothing, school uniforms, high-tech fabrics, tracksuits, softshell products, polars, fleeces, shorts, sweatshirts, bermudas, jackets, denim pants, private label clothing